Open Homes Australia Season 7 Episode 1: Light House Architecture and Science

Open Homes returns for an all-new season! Roshan took us on a tour through a huge, multi-dwelling property that incorporates science in its design.
Roshan and Light House Architecture & Science Open Homes Australia S07E01

Open Homes Australia season 7 hit our screens this past Saturday and brought with it all new homes and brand-new ideas. Roshan Ramnarain, Energy Matters’ illustrious CEO, joined the cast and will be bringing his expertise and insight into sustainable homes and technology. In episode 1, he took us through an incredible three-dwelling property designed and built by Light House Architecture & Science.

Who is Light House Architecture & Science?

Australia has long built homes for the summer that shiver through the winter. Low efficiency, coupled with unsustainable practices, has made for properties that siphon money from their occupants. Light House Architecture & Science are a team that remedies this. Focusing on all-electric, energy-efficient, and sustainable homes is what the team are all about. 

3 dwelling property Open Homes Australia S07E01
Large 3-dwelling property designed and built by Light House Architecture & Science

With its base and clientele in Canberra, Light House Architecture & Science is well-versed in designing and building thermally sound homes to work with the climate. The team build new homes and retrofit existing ones. Light House Architecture & Science comprises architects and scientists who bring their expertise to all facets of a home’s design. 

The three-dwelling family compound, ahem, village

Roshan caught up with Jenny Edwards and Duncan Hall from Light House Architecture & Science at a large property in Rivett, ACT. This home is lovingly called ‘The Family Compound’ by its owners and occupants. Two sisters, their mother, and their families, all live in these separate yet attached homes. The large block was previously home to a single dwelling but made way for two new homes with an additional dwelling attached at the rear. 

The Village, as known by Light House Architecture & Science, was designed to be thermally sound and comfortable. Integrated throughout the dwellings is a scientific approach to sustainable design and energy efficiency. 

Designed and orientated with solar in mind

As Light House Architecture & Science homes are designed to be all-electric, solar is an important component that is accounted for and planned for. The homes were designed and orientated to take full advantage of solar. The solar installed on this property was tilted on the flat roof. Tilting your solar panels can often increase your panel’s exposure to sunlight and thus their efficiency and output. 

Installing solar Open Homes Australia S07E01
Tilted solar installed on the property

Harnessing heat – using concrete to passively heat the home

The homes contain concrete flooring throughout, which acts as a giant thermal conductor. When the sun heats up the concrete during the day, the heat is slowly released to heat the home throughout the evening and night. Passive heating and cooling allow you to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home at little or no cost. 

Impressive design Open Homes Australia S07E01
Impressive interior design

Double-glazed windows for a passive and soundproof home

The rear dwelling is home to the sisters’ mother, who is known to practice her drumming. The double-glazed windows not only insulate the home but allow Grandma to play until her heart’s content with minimal noise pollution. Simple design choices, such as opting for double-glazing, increase the thermal comfort of your home. 

Grandma playing the drums Open Homes Australia S07E01
Grandma playing the drums

Adopting energy-efficient products and appliances saves you money

If you are looking to build a new home or would like to renovate your existing one, then consider investing in sustainable energy-efficient products and appliances. Installing solar is one of the quickest ways to save you money whilst reducing your reliance on the grid. Electrifying your home should also be considered, with electric, energy-efficient appliances using the free electricity created by your solar system during the day. Swap out low-efficient products for efficient alternatives, such as double-glazed windows. Consider designing your house to heat and cool each room passively – further saving you thousands of dollars over the years. 

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Catch the next episode of Open Homes Australia on Saturdays at 5:00pm on channel 9Life. You can also watch previous episodes on 9Now.

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