Open Homes Australia Season 7 Episode 2: GoodWe Inverter and EV Charger Drastically Reducing Electricity Bills

A contemporary mansion with exorbitant electricity bills was met with a solar solution from GoodWe in this episode of Open Homes Australia.
OHA S07E02 Huge home

Viewers of Saturday night’s episode of Open Homes Australia were treated to an architectural masterpiece. Sprawled over a huge block in Plenty, Victoria, this contemporary home had an enormous electricity bill to match its size. With the guidance of installer Six Star Plus, the homeowners are reaping the benefits of going solar with GoodWe.

Huge homes usually mean huge electricity bills

The square footage of your home can play havoc on your electrical bills. This modern, palatial home was no exception. With its open-plan living, plentiful windows, a luxurious pool, and all the mod-cons one would expect of a home of such grandeur, the homeowners were raking in $2,000 quarterly bills. Renee and Vic leaned on the knowledge and experience of installers Six Star Plus, who recommended GoodWe to solve their energy woes. The result was a 15kW solar system plus an EV charger. This decision resulted in a drastic reduction in the electricity bills to a mere $400. That’s a quarterly saving of $1,600.

Goodwe solar inverters

Your solar panels may be the components that create the solar electricity, but the real hero working hard behind the scenes is your solar inverter. GoodWe offers a fantastic range of single and three-phase residential inverters offering high efficiency. Solar inverters take the DC electricity created by your panels and convert it into AC electricity for use in and around your home. Efficient inverters will see little loss of electricity during this conversion, and GoodWe is one of the best in the industry. GoodWe’s SDT G2 Series three-phase inverter offers an impressive 98.4% maximum efficiency. Its enhanced safety features, overloading and oversizing capabilities, and ease of installation make it a favourite amongst homeowners and installers alike. 

SDT G2 Series inverter
GoodWe SDT G2 Series Inverter

GoodWe HCA Series EV Charger

Chosen by the homeowners for its futuristic aesthetics, the GoodWe EV Charger offers more than just good looks! With 7 – 22kW options, your EV of choice is poised to charge at home with ease and speed. Intelligent monitoring and scheduling hands you the power and control to charge your car at times that best take advantage of energy rates and your battery storage, should you have this added to your solar system. Range anxiety is a thing of the past when you charge your EV at home with a GoodWe EV charger.

GoodWe HCA-EV Charger
GoodWe HCA EV Charger

Stunning home with a view of net-zero

Renee and Vic took a huge step towards energy independence with the decision to install solar and an EV charger. We can imagine that many years will be spent around the pool, on the tennis court, cozied up in the glorious lounge room, and enjoyed around the dining table. The young family will be able to increase their energy usage with minimal impact on their electricity bills. We highly recommend adding battery storage in the future to further secure energy independence. GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series battery storage system is ready to add to their existing system and would provide blackout protection and nighttime energy supply.

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