What is Most Important: Inverter Brand, Solar Panel Brand, or Solar Installer?

Which is more important solar components

When it comes to a solar power system, the inverter brand, solar panels brand, and solar installer all play crucial roles in ensuring the system’s performance and longevity. Each component has its significance, and their quality and compatibility can impact the overall effectiveness of the solar system. In this article, I will be providing some insight into these components and providing you guidance on what to seek when looking to install solar.

Inverter Brand

The inverter is responsible for converting the DC electricity produced by solar panels into usable AC electricity for your home or the grid. It plays a critical role in the system’s efficiency, reliability, and functionality. A high-quality inverter from a reputable brand is important to ensure optimal energy conversion, system monitoring, and protection features.

When choosing a solar inverter, there are several key factors to consider. Here are some important aspects to look for:

  • Efficiency: Look for high conversion efficiency.
  • Power Output: Ensure it matches your solar panel capacity.
  • Durability: Choose a reliable and weather-resistant inverter.
  • Monitoring: Seek inverters with comprehensive monitoring features.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it works with your system components.
  • Warranty: Check for a good warranty and support.
  • Safety Features: Look for protection mechanisms.
  • Budget: Balance cost and quality.

A poorly chosen inverter will, unfortunately, reduce the overall production and output of your system. Future-proofing your inverter is paramount. 

Solar Panels Brand

Solar panels in Australia are the primary components that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The brand and quality of the solar panels can impact their efficiency, durability, and long-term performance. Reputable brands often invest in research and development, resulting in better efficiency, advanced technologies, and improved warranties. Tier 1 brands should be your first port of call.

When choosing solar panels for your solar power system, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key aspects to look for:

  • Efficiency: Look for high-efficiency panels to generate more power from limited space.
  • Quality and Reliability: Opt for reputable manufacturers with proven reliability and certifications.
  • Durability: Choose panels with sturdy frames and coatings to withstand local weather conditions.
  • Warranty: Check for longer warranties covering both defects and performance.
  • Aesthetics: Consider sleek designs and all-black panels for visual appeal.
  • Cost: Evaluate cost per watt while considering efficiency, quality, and warranty.
  • Compatibility: Ensure panels align with mounting systems and inverters.
  • Long-Term Performance: Look for panels with minimal degradation over time.

The quality of the solar panels you select will ultimately determine the solar generation possible for your system. 

Solar Installer/Retailer

The solar installer is responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining your solar power system. An experienced and skilled installer is crucial to ensure proper system design, correct installation, and adherence to local regulations. A reputable installer will have the necessary expertise to optimise the system’s performance, minimise potential issues, and provide reliable maintenance and support.

The term ‘installer’ and ‘retailer’ are often interchangeable, but they are different things. A solar retailer is responsible for the warranty of your solar system installation. Retailers will have in-house solar installers or contract installers to complete the job. It is highly important to choose a reputable, licenced, and experienced retailer. Researching the history and the reviews across Google and various reputable websites is a fantastic way to see how long the business has been operating and the quality of their installs. We recommend utilising ABN Lookup to see the history of the business, and whether they have ever phoenixed, and then checking the CEC website to check if they are an approved retailer. The latter is especially important for VIC residents as they will only receive rebates and loans under the Solar Homes Program if the retailer is CEC approved. You should be able to locate the ABN on the retailer’s website or on a quote provided to you. If you can’t find it, ask them!

Remember that a cheap system is often too good to be true. Where you will save on the initial outlay, you will likely lose in performance, quality, and warranty. Spending a little more on a reputable installer should provide you peace of mind that they will be there if your system requires repairs, maintenance, or warranty replacement in the future.

In summary, all three factors are important, and they should be considered collectively when choosing a solar power system. Opting for high-quality components from reputable brands and working with a knowledgeable and reputable solar installer will increase the chances of a well-performing and reliable solar power system for your specific needs. However, ultimately a good, reputable retailer should be recommending good products and generally be providing above-industry standard warranties. For this reason, I believe that the solar retailer edges in front on what the most important factor is when considering solar.

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