Adelaide office tower scores state’s first 6 star NABERS Energy rating

NABERS 6 star energy rating

An Adelaide office tower claims to be South Australia’s first 6 star NABERS Energy rated building.

The building at 50 Flinders Street is also the first to get a NABERS Indoor Environment rating, according to developers.

Reported by The Fifth Estate, the building originally had a 5 star rating. Upgrades including a 66 kW solar PV installation also boosted the building to 6 stars.

Developed by Cbus Property and managed by CBRE, 50 Flinders Street carefully manages its energy use.

Everybody needs good NABERS

NABERS, which stands for National Australian Built Environment Rating System, measures a building’s energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

NABERS Energy rating: 50 Flinders Street Adelaide claims SA's first 6 star NABERS Energy rating

50 Flinders Street Adelaide claims SA’s first 6 star NABERS Energy rating

It also records data on water consumed and waste produced and compares it to similar buildings.

Its top NABERS energy rating of 6 stars then defines the recipient as “market leading” in energy management.

A first for NABERS Indoor Environment rating

The NABERS energy rating was not the only good news for the According to CBRE, 50 Flinders also undertook a NABERS Indoor Environment Rating for the first time. This is the first published Indoor Environment rating for a South Australian property, CBRE says of the 6 star result.

A NABERS Indoor Environment for offices rating is calculated by comparing indoor environment parameters. NABERS IE looks at up to five categories:

  • Thermal Services
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Office Layout

Parameters for the best office environment

The parameters measured vary depending on whether the base building, a tenancy or the whole building is being assessed.

“Base building” means the whole building, and measures parameters under direct control of the landlord. “Whole building” includes the base building as well as parameters under control of tenants.

Air temperature, humidity and levels of CO2 and formaldehyde all figure in a NABERS IE rating. In addition, assessors look at sound levels and survey occupants about their office environment for an Occupant Satisfaction Survey.

Solar PV installations boost NABERS score

The South Australian landmark NABERS energy rating and the environmental ranking signals a trend in the way people regard energy and the environment at work.

Recently, businesses are recognising the connection between the health of staff and a building’s health.

As a result, improvements to energy conservation include switching to LED lights, and installing rooftop solar panels where possible.