Australian Energy Conference covers storage, policy

AES ConferenceImage: AES

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition kicked off today with Energy Matters in attendance to catch all the latest trends and industry insights during the two day event.

The event which is free to attend features some of the brightest minds and innovative ideas in solar today with talks on topics by those from policy makers to utility and network providers.

The event which has been running for the last few years was created by the Australian Energy Storage Alliance (AES) in 2014 as an information sharing and networking platform to promote the wide range of existing and emerging energy storage solutions.

Conference highlight

Among the presentations attended by Energy Matters the talk by Mark Higgins from Strategen Consulting was one of the stand outs during “Road to NEM 2.0”.

The presentation talked at length about the Aliso Canyon gas leak and what was done with energy storage to help avoid an energy crisis. Notable that after this disaster there was an 80% reduction in the amount of gas that was allowed to be stored.


Image: Energy Matters

From a local perspective the presentation was also of interest with California and South Australia compared directly in regards to what solutions can be employed to help combat the demand of the respective populations.

Wilf Johnston Managing Director at Energy Matters saying on the event,

“With energy storage becoming more and more critical to Australia’s overall energy grid and market, it has been great to hear from global experts and better understand what options are available. This is a very exciting sector and one that we should all pay close attention to.”

The exhibitors

In the two day conference many different issues will be covered including

• Energy Storage and Smart Systems for Energy Security
• Financial Case Studies for Energy Storage Applications
• Regulatory Reform/Policy
• Commercial and Industrial Applications for Energy Storage
• Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources / Virtual Power Plant
• Business Case for Energy Storage Providing Ancillary Services
• Energy Storage for Grid Integration of Renewable Energy
• Case Studies for Solar + Storage Installations
• Microgrids (Both Off-Grid and Grid-Connected)
• Mining and Remote Area Power Solutions

The organization which runs the event, the AES alliances mission statement as described on their website,
“…is for a clean energy future where low cost power is delivered, where and when it is needed, for consumers, for business, and for Australian industries to be competitive in the global marketplace.”