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The Benefits of Installing Solar for Business

Commercial solar

In Australia’s shifting energy landscape, rising costs pose challenges for businesses. Discover the myriad benefits of embracing solar power—from financial stability to environmental stewardship and energy independence.

SENEC Australia Liquidation: What Happens to Your Warranty Now?

On December 11, 2023, SENEC Australia, a prominent player in the home battery market, officially entered into liquidation proceedings. Established in 2009, the company gained recognition as one of the leading vendors of home battery systems, particularly in Germany. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, SENEC garnered a solid customer base drawn to its […]

Solar Power vs. Blackouts: Can Your Home Stay Lit When the Grid Goes Dark?

In recent years, Australia has experienced a concerning uptick in the frequency of blackouts. These blackouts disrupt the normal functioning of households and businesses across the country. There are many factors that contribute to this, such as extreme weather events, aging infrastructure, and increased energy demand.  In 2018, the AEMC’s Reliability Frameworks Interim Report, Memory’s […]

Decoding Off-Grid Living for Renewable Energy in Australia

Australia is experiencing a remarkable surge in interest in harnessing the abundant energy radiating from its skies. As the global shift towards sustainability gains momentum, Australians increasingly focus on renewable energy solutions to power their homes.  The allure of cleaner, greener living and the desire to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources have sparked a […]

Finding the Perfect Solar System for Homes With Low Power Usage

Australia has seen a significant surge in interest and adoption of solar energy in recent years. The growing enthusiasm can be attributed to several factors, such as environmental awareness, rising energy costs, and government initiatives promoting renewable energy sources.  As a result, rooftop solar installations have become a common sight across urban and rural landscapes. […]

How Does Installing Solar Help With Insulation?

Whether you’re considering installing rooftop solar panels or already have them, you’re probably wondering if they can do more than convert sunlight into electricity. One of the most common questions is whether a rooftop solar array can help with the roof’s insulation.  The answer is that rooftop solar panels do provide a degree of insulation. […]

I Have a South-Facing Roof For Solar – What Should I Do?

South-Facing Rooftop Solar Panels

In Australia, it is known that solar panels should almost never be installed on a south-facing roof. This is because the panels work best when they’re directly facing the sun.  Therefore, north is the best direction for solar panels in Australia. In case this is not an option, northwest and Northeast are the next best […]

What happens to all my excess electricity once I install solar panels?

Solar panels installed flush to roof

Solar energy in Australia has surged in recent years as more households recognise the environmental and economic benefits of harnessing the power of the sun. Installing solar panels has become a popular choice, not only for reducing energy bills but also for contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.  However, as Aussies make the […]

How is My Data Protected After I Install Solar?

Solar data protection

With the growing number of people embracing solar power with solar panel installations, it’s necessary to shed light on a different kind of energy—the data your solar system generates.  Data protection wasn’t a huge concern back when Australians began to adopt solar, given that only a few systems were deployed and most solar inverters did […]

I Want Solar But I Have Very Low Income: What To Do

The appeal of solar energy is undeniable, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Yet, for those with limited incomes, the prospect of making the switch may seem daunting. So, what are you going to do? Let us help you out.  If you’re curious about the potential cost savings and environmental benefits of solar energy for […]