BLUETTI Hybrid All-In-One Energy Storage System Available in Australia

BLUETTI’s inverter and battery storage all-in-one solution has been approved by the CEC, ready to be installed on Australian homes.
BLUETTI EP760 Energy Storage System CEC Approved

Australians are all about harnessing the sun. Going solar has become an increasingly popular way to save money whilst reducing your environmental impact. With countless brands, models, and components available, installing solar can be confusing. BLUETTI, an energy storage and solar solution company, has an exciting all-in-one solution for Aussies looking to take the stress out of going solar.

BLUETTI – who are they?

Relatively new to the energy storage industry, BLUETTI is the culmination of extensive expertise in the energy storage field from cofounders James Ray and Wonder Law. They delivered their first portable battery storage in 2019 and haven’t looked back. The Nevada-based company now has an extensive range of solar solutions, with newly CEC-approved offerings available to Australians.

BLUETTI 7.6kW EP760 All-in-One Energy Storage System

Modular energy storage systems are popular for a reason; the ability to increase your storage capacity without breaking the bank! This is exactly what BLUETTI offers with their all-in-one EP760 energy storage system. The system features a 7.6kW solar inverter that will integrate with the solar panels of your choice. The EP760 features three 3000W MPPTs, enabling you to harness a maximum total of 9000W from your solar panels to fully cater to your energy requirements. Homeowners will have the choice of adding 2 to 4 BLUETTI B500 batteries, each with an available capacity of 4.96kWh. This can bring your total battery storage to 19.84kWh – which will meet the daily electricity usage needs of the average Australian home.

BLUETTI EP760 Energy Storage System Installed Outdoors

EP760 Inverter specifications

Warranty10-year limited warranty
IP ratingIP65
Output power7600W
Grid connectionOn or Off-grid
App controlBLUETTI App
PV conversion efficiency97.0% max
MPPT efficiency99.9%
BLUETTI EP760 Energy Storage System Installed Indoors

B500 Battery specifications

Warranty10-year limited warranty
Battery typeLiFePO₄
Available capacity4,960Wh
Depth of discharge90%
Short circuit protectionYes
IP ratingIP65

Outstanding features

BLUETTI has pulled out all the stops to provide Australian homes with an energy storage system that delivers some of the best technology available on the market:

  • The use of LiFePO₄ (LFP) battery cells provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their battery storage is safe. 
  • Aluminium casing to house your all-in-one system securely indoors or outdoors. 
  • Take control of your system with the BLUETTI app. Monitor your system in real-time and manage your home’s energy usage.
  • Modular design allows your system to grow as your energy needs change over time. Future-proof your investment!
  • Australian contact centre to deliver exceptional customer service when you need it.
BLUETTI EP760 ESS Powering Australian Homes

Why you should choose BLUETTI to power your home

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or go solar for the very first time, BLUETTI will deliver the energy you need, when you need it. Take control of your electricity and power your home throughout the day, at night, and through blackouts. Don’t risk obsolescence – BLUETTI’s modular system provides you the opportunity to add to your storage as your needs increase.

Find out more today! Head to BLUETTI’s website and go solar with their all-in-one solution.


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