Bundaberg, solar capital of Australia?

Solar Capital

With a stellar year of growth in solar for the city of Bundaberg the town’s mayor believes they may soon be able to hold the crown as the country’s solar capital.

Bundaberg Regional Council has had its Clean Energy Bundaberg strategy in place since 2014 and since then has focused on bringing the town long term savings as well as a brighter, cleaner future.

One of the main moves behind councils decision to move towards renewable energy is the view that it will modernize the town as well as utilize the earth’s natural resources better in the future in the face of eventual climate issues.

What’s in store for Bundaberg?

Behind this push is Mayor Jack Dempsey who talked in depth with News Mail about the councils plans to make Bundaberg Australia’s solar city,

“Clean energy options are front and center of council strategies in meeting the challenges of rising energy costs and expectations relating to environmental standards,”

“Since the implementation of the Clean Energy Bundaberg strategy, council has committed around $2 million towards the installation of products and procedures that will have a positive impact not only on council’s energy spend, but also positive environmental outcomes.” Mayor Dempsey said.

Solar Construction
Image: Pixabay

Just as impressive the city has invested significantly in major solar projects including Rubyanna, the Bundaberg Multiplex, three wastewater facilities and at the Bundaberg Airport which has resulted in the council saving an estimated 1.3 million.

Investing in renewables for the future

Cr Dempsey said by engaging in clean energy, the council is able to set a positive example throughout the community and promote renewable energy at a residential level.

“Council appreciates it lives in a modern world and is required to have a more objective view of utilising available resources when it comes to clean energy options,” he said.

The council also believes that being financially available to invest in further green projects is key to continuing the positive changes in the area.

By doing this they are able to take advantage of any state or government incentives or new technologies that may become an option.

They are also in continued talks with investors in the industry to keep pushing for additional investment .

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