Clean Energy Council election call: Lobby your Federal MP with a clean energy policy message

clean energy policy

The Clean Energy Council wants Australians to send a clean energy policy message to Canberra ahead of May’s federal election.

The peak body for the renewable energy industry says Australia is at a crossroads and needs a “strong, sensible and enduring clean energy policy”.

“This Federal Election we are calling on all federal political parties to adopt our policy recommendations,” the Council said in a statement. “You can help us by adding your voice to our campaign by contacting your MP and sharing our social media tiles.”

Clean Energy Council urges Aussies to lobby Canberra for a clean energy policy.

The Clean Energy Council urges Aussies to lobby Canberra for a clean energy policy.

The Council’s policy recommendations include a commitment to zero carbon emissions before 2050 and 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

It also wants the government to retain the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which cuts the cost of rooftop solar installations. Right now, the scheme-driven discount is decreasing each year, and due to reach zero value by 2030.

In addition, the clean energy policy urges the Federal Government to:

  • Encourage the uptake of energy storage and batteries
  • Mandate solar power in all new homes
  • Support innovation in finance, technology and integration
  • Commit to the development of a clean energy export strategy
  • Support skills development to meet the demand of a growing clean energy industry
  • Support the establishment of a battery manufacturing and recycling industry
  • Develop a single national electrical safety body

Email your Federal MP with a clean energy policy message

The Council website allows users to determine their local MP and also provides a pre-written message to send.

A policy booklet and social media tiles on the clean energy policy are also available for download.

The Council is also calling for network service providers to be permitted to install micro-grids for remote areas.

“The National Electricity Rules do not permit network service providers to provide electricity to customers from microgrid or off-grid supply as a distribution service.”

The Council argues that building micro-grids will prove more cost-effective than building transmission lines out to remove customers.

Clean energy policy vs underwriting new coal plants

Recently, the Council was also critical of the Morrison Government’s Underwriting New Generation Investment program.

Although 66 applications were made to the program by the January 2019 cut off, none were for wind or solar power.

In a statement, the Council claimed the program could undermine new clean energy generation.

“Recent statements by the government have highlighted coal, gas and hydro submissions to the Underwriting New Generation Investments program and made no mention of the renewable energy submissions that the clean energy industry has submitted.”

Send a clean energy policy message to your Federal MP via the CEC website.