Deliveroo announces move to carbon-neutral delivery model

Life, as we know it in Australia, isn’t what we’ve always known it to be. Things have changed and the COVD normal way of living is a whole new tangent we’ve been forced to adapt to. And with lockdown still underway in areas like Victoria, there’s more and more emphasis on household activity and the way we influence the environment around us. For example, the skies are clearer, pollution has plummeted, and our footprint as a nation is significantly lower than usual. This comes as no surprise, given commercial and industrial sectors have been largely shut up for much of 2020.

Adding to these unexpected positives to COVID-19’s restrictions, Deliveroo has announced that it will become the first good delivery platform in Australia to carbon offset 100 per cent of emissions originating from their delivery model via the platform. It will come as no extra cost to both customers and restaurants utilising the app.

The announcement comes after more and more consumers expressed growing concern around environmental impacts and sustainability. In fact, recent research indicated that these factors are a growing concern for many Aussies, with an Ipsos poll reporting 70 per cent of the country’s population believe the environment should be a top priority of the Government after COVID-19 has been predominantly tackled.

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Consumers also feel brands need to practice more steps towards sustainability, with 83 per cent expressing it needs to be taken more seriously. Meanwhile, 67 per cent are in favour of brands making conscious sustainability decisions from the influence of COVID-19, and one in two Aussies are choosing to purchase goods from companies who demonstrate environmental sustainability initiatives.

Going hand-in-hand with these values, Deliveroo has purchased a number of channels to offset its deliveries across the next two years. Funds from these offsets will go towards initiatives like the Bierbank and Lanherne Regeneration Project in Queensland – a program centred around a control burn effort, as well as wind farm projects offshore.

Coverage of all emissions for full Deliveroo orders will be a large part of this process – from the initial point of the rider’s departure to the restaurant, and then onwards to the drop-off of goods at the customer’s doorstep. It’s expected that this program will offset more than 16,000 tonnes of carbon over two years. That figure equates to the impacts of 3500 active cars on the road.

This isn’t the first time Deliveroo has taken steps towards sustainability, with the brand previously forming partnerships with reusable plastics company Returnr, alongside eco-friendly packaging brand BioPack.

Deliveroo CEO Ed McManus said, “By carbon offsetting all of our deliveries for the next two years, the delivery component of our business will become carbon neutral at no cost to our restaurant partners or customers.

“Environmental sustainability needs to be a priority for all of us, and climate action isn’t just a consumer issue – companies need to step up and do their bit. “

He further noted that this move is extremely important to the company, but there is still a lot to be done to get a more sustainable mindset up and running across Australia.

“We’re committed to ongoing action to achieve environmental sustainability and will seek new ways to make sure Australians can enjoy amazing food wherever and whenever they want it in a sustainable way,” McManus said.