Clean Energy Council Backs Brumby

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia has thrown its support behind the Brumby Labor Government ahead of this month’s state election, after an independent report found Victoria would benefit by up to $9 billion in renewable energy investment under current State Government policies.
The CEC commissioned consulting firm Carbon Market Economics to report into the renewable energy policies of both Victorian Labor and the Coalition and their impact on the growth of the clean energy market . The report found that under current operational schemes and renewable energy incentives Victoria could expect to increase clean energy capacity by a substantial 3000 megawatts by 2016, the equivalent of powering an estimated 1.2 million homes.
It also found that an estimated 650 new jobs would be created each year through to 2016 in the construction and operation of renewable energy facilities.
But should control of renewable energy in the state change hands after the November 27 state election, stated Opposition policy of tougher approval standards for wind farms in particular would see a dramatic downshift in the development of an essential renewable resource. 
While stressing that the CEC was an apolitical organisation, chief executive Matthew Warren said it did campaign for policies which created the best environment for the development of clean energy, or against any party whose policy would restrict its growth. 
“There’s no doubt that substantial wind farm investment and jobs will immediately leave Victoria if the Coalition’s current policies were adopted. This could effectively cripple the wind industry,” Mr Warren said.
“The wind farm standards proposed by Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu, including 2km setbacks, would make it tougher to put up a wind turbine in regional Victoria than to dig a new coal mine.”