Solar Power Myth Extinguished By South Australia Fire Services

South Australia’s Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and Country Fire Service (CFS) have released an official statement refuting an urban myth concerning how houses with solar power systems will be treated in a fire situation.

The urban myth circulating is fire services may allow houses with solar electric systems installed burn to the ground due to safety risks to firefighters.

CFS District Officer of Community Safety, Allan Foster, says this myth is completely incorrect and that firefighters have the appropriate training to deal with fire situations on structures that have solar energy equipment installed.

“I’d like to assure the public that no matter what power supply exists at a property, firefighters are well prepared and educated to bring a fire under control.” says Mr. Foster.

National solar solutions provider Energy Matters says properly installed solar power systems have safety features incorporated whereby a system can be isolated in the event of fire or other emergency. All tradespeople installing solar power systems under the Federal Government’s Solar Credits program are required to be appropriately accredited – and safety is a major focus in accreditation. Systems must also be installed using approved components.

On a related point, according to information published by the Clean Energy Council earlier this year, approximately 100,000 solar panels had been installed on Australian houses over the last three decades and there had been no reports of the system causing house fires.

Solar power is subject to many myths and some suspect several unfounded rumours have been instigated by parties with an axe to grind against the clean energy technology in an effort to discourage uptake.