Energy Matters’ Flood Appeal Raises Over $5,000

National solar power solutions provider Energy Matters last week donated over $5,000 to the Queensland Premier’s disaster relief appeal; a result of the company’s recent fundraising efforts.
Under the company’s initiative, Energy Matters committed to an initial donation of $1,000 and then matched dollar for dollar, up to $100 per person, other donations made to the Premier’s appeal by Energy Matters staff, clients and site visitors between 17 January and February 1. The final donation came to $5,220.
“We started the donation matching appeal at a time when many people had already donated via other means, so we’re very pleased with the result – it just goes to show how generous Australians are.”, said Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich.
“Since the initial flood disaster in Queensland, many other regions throughout Australia have also suffered flooding and other severe weather event related damage, so we all need to spare a thought and a few more dollars where we can to help those people as well.”
Mr. Rich says while whether or not the severity of recent events is linked to climate change spurred on by human activity will remain a hotly debated topic, it has given us frightening look and a bitter taste of what may be increasingly in store for not only Australia, but the world, should the issue of greenhouse gas emissions not be properly addressed.
“Imagine ‘one in a hundred year’ flooding events happening every decade; and in multiple regions – the toll on humanity and on the environment, the economic cost will be simply horrific. The battle against rising greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel based power generation and other sources demands the resources of a wartime effort – and it needs them now.”