Wind Powered Car Travels Across Australia

Wind Explorer, a lightweight vehicle powered by wind generated electricity and a large kite, has successfully crossed Australia. 
The 5000-kilometer coast to coast journey started in Albany, Western Australia in late January and ended in Sydney on February 12, marking the first time a vehicle powered solely by a combination of wind energy and electricity has crossed an entire continent.
Developed and piloted by Stefan Simmerer and Dirk Gion from Germany, Wind Explorer was built using lithum-ion battery technology for energy storage, lightweight carbon fiber for the body and low friction tires.  
A mobile wind turbine stored in the vehicle was used to recharge the vehicle’s lithium-ion-batteries when it wasn’t in use and during travel, a steerable kite assisted in propulsion when favourable conditions prevailed. WindExplorer weighs 200 kilograms including batteries and wind turbine,
The intrepid Germans say the wind turbine carried on board can generate enough electricity for a daily distance of 250 to 400 kilometres. By way of comparison, the Wind Explorer uses around half the amount of electricity needed to wash and dry a load of clothes; even with the two pilots on board.
The journey was undertaken to highlight how self-sufficient and environmentally friendly transport can be using already existing technology. Stefan and Dirk acknowledge Wind Explorer does not represent a technology for everyday use; for example, the pair experienced a situation during the journey where the kite was severed by power lines, but it serves to inspire further research and development in the area of alternative transportation.