20th Century Fox Installs Solar Power

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation has installed a solar power system at their Los Angeles, California headquarters; a site that has produced some of the world’s most popular films.
Designed and constructed by Solar Power, Inc, the 160 kW solar panel array incorporates a special mounting system to cater to Fox’s historic Building 99’s uniquely shaped curved roof.
Part of News Corp.’s Global Energy Initiative, the rooftop solar farm represents Fox’s first venture into using solar energy on-site and News Corp.’s second major investment in solar.
“As a carbon neutral company, this project is a key component of our ongoing commitment to sustainability,” said Hal Haenal, Senior Vice President of Fox Studios Operations.
In May of 2007, the Global Energy Initiative was launched across News Corporation’s many assets in an effort to reduce its energy use and impact on the climate. The company also committed to creating web sites and social network groups with information and tips on saving energy, along with incentive programs and special educational events for employees.
Among other achievements under the initiative is the construction of a 4.1MW solar energy installation on Down Jones’ campus in New Jersey and News International’s construction of the largest and most energy efficient print plant in the world in Broxbourne, England; said to have improved energy efficiency by 30% compared to the old plant.
News Corp.’s approach to achieving carbon neutrality has been to first, reduce energy use, then to use renewable power sources where economically viable and finally, offset emissions the corporation cannot avoid.