UPDATE: NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Rally Announced

Updated: Thursday, May 12. With the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme still in limbo with no firm resolution in sight, the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) has announced a mass rally to be held next week. Energy Matters will be a primary sponsor of the event.
The New South Wales government announced late last month applications to the state’s solar tariff feed in program had been placed on hold and no new applications to the Scheme will be considered. The NSW Government recommended consumers purchasing solar power systems to install net metering in the interim.
Since that time, little has been achieved in determining the future of the program, putting solar industry jobs at risk and leaving households wanting to make the switch to solar in confusion. Questions have also been raised regarding the legality of the NSW Government’s decision; with the possibility of a class action being flagged.
The Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) attended a NSW government “solar summit” held last Friday to seek confirmation the government would honour the 300MW cap set for the state, honour any solar installations that have approval to connect to the grid in NSW and to announce an immediate 1:1 net feed in tariff while the long term future of the program was being decided – but no confirmation has occurred.
“They don’t understand the urgency of this situation. The massive uncertainty they are creating will cost jobs and financial hardship for tens of thousands of people in NSW,” said John Grimes, CEO of AuSES. “There are 100’s of small business at risk of collapse, and we must demand that the NSW Government responds rather than abandons its constituents. So, it is time for action.”
AuSES says it has been compelled to launch a campaign that will culminate in a mass rally, unless the NSW Government makes a positive announcement before that time. AuSES is encouraging industry participants, solar households and those considering installing solar to attend the rally and add their voices to the action. 
Solar’s Last Chance Rally
11:30am Wednesday 18 May
Barnet Long Room: Customs House 
31 Alfred Street
Circular Quay