New Coal Fired Power Station For Victoria

In a time when the world needs to reduce carbon emissions and renewable energy should be at the forefront of that challenge, the Victorian Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has given the nod for a new coal fired power station to be constructed in Morwell, Victoria.
Victoria already has skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions thanks to its extensive use of the filthiest of fossil fuels, brown coal, for electricity generation. The state is also home to what is considered the world’s most emissions intensive coal fired plant – Hazelwood.
According to activist group Switch Off Coal, the decision is a way for Victoria to keep justifying the use of brown coal – and will have the added impact of encouraging other countries to do the same.
The group and Environment Victoria have organised a snap rally to protest the decision; to be held on Tuesday May 24 on the steps of State Parliament, Spring St. Melbourne between 12.45pm – 1.45pm.
Environment Victoria is outraged by the decision to go ahead with the power station. “The EPA has comprehensively failed in its duty to protect Victoria’s environment today when they approved a new coal plant for Victoria,” said the organisation’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy.
“Even with this part-approval the new plant will pump millions of tonnes of pollution into our environment every year. How is this protecting the environment or Victorians?”
Ms. O’Shanassy says the community registered over 4000 objections to the EPA in regard to the plant, whereas submissions of support were fewer than a dozen. She points out that the Baillieu government committed to reducing Victoria’s greenhouse pollution by 20 percent by 2020 and the new power station will increase emissions by up to three percent.
Ms. O’Shanassy has called on the State Government to reject the EPA’s decision and to also withdraw their $50 million grant to HRL, the company behind the project, and use it to support clean energy projects.