Energy Matters Video News – Episode 38 – July 20, 2011

Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world recently added to our renewable energy news section.
In this episode, Virginia covers a study of the cooling benefits of rooftop solar panels, a report on US clean energy jobs paying better than the national average, a ivy leaf shaped solar panel system and solar sisters bringing light to Africa.


In this episode:
Solar panels aren’t just an environmentally friendly way to generate power and to save on rapidly escalating electricity costs – they can assist in keeping your house or place of business cool too, helping you to save even more on energy Read more.
– A report from the USA’s Brookings institute has found that the nation’s booming clean energy sector offers more opportunity and better pay than many other jobs.The sector currently employs 2.7 million people in the US, from manufacturing to waste management and transport services; more than the entire fossil fuel industry. Read more.
– The University of Utah will be the first to own a specialty solar installation called Solar Ivy. Using advanced thin film solar technology, the flexible, leaf shaped solar panels are fixed onto a stainless steel mesh anchored to a wall or sunny rooftop.  Read more.
– Solar Sister is training and supporting women in Africa in the creation of solar micro-businesses that help address rampant energy poverty through the sale of solar powered lights. Currently there are over 100 Solar Sisters operating in three sub Saharan African countries who have brought solar light to over 4,300 villagers. Read more.