South Australia Electricity Costs To Jump, Solar Incentive To Decrease

Sky Image: BigStock

A rush on solar power systems in South Australia is expected today before the state’s solar feed in tariff is slashed for new applications and after news yesterday of another looming hike in electricity costs in SA.

South Australia’s feed in tariff incentive currently pays system owners 44 cents a kilowatt hour for surplus electricity generated by their rooftop solar panels; but in just under 48 hours, new applicants to the scheme from that point will receive 22 cents per kilowatt hour. The lead-up to the deadline has seen a rush on deposits on systems to secure the higher rate.

According to various reports, South Australia’s Energy Minister Michael O’Brien said yesterday the popularity of home solar power in the state has been such that it has increased the cost of the solar feed in tariff scheme to the Government and electricity prices would need to increase by around 8 percent.

However, dispelling one of the myths of solar power systems being installed only by the rich; households in Adelaide’s mortgage-belt suburbs have been the driving force behind uptake and the Minister has been quoted as saying the 8% increase will be “picked up by wealthier residents in South Australia.”

While the deadline for the solar feed in tariff rate cut is midnight, September 30; national solar solutions provider Energy Matters advises households wanting to take advantage of the more generous incentive to put a deposit on a system by 4pm today, Thursday, September 29 to allow for a 24 hour turn-around time from ETSA for application approval. Once approval has been granted, households will have 120 days to have their installation completed.

Energy Matters is currently running a series of specials on solar power systems in South Australia to help as many households as possible secure the generous 44c feed in tariff rate.  The company’s South Australia solar hotline number is 133 SUN.