AuSES Solar 2011 Conference

Representatives of the Australian solar industry, policy makers and scientists will gather in Sydney next week for the 49th Annual AuSES Solar Conference.
According to John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES), the conference is being held at a crucial time as Australia moves towards a clean energy future – a time of  “tremendous potential for new investment in the development and growth of solar energy in Australia.”
“Policy certainty and a fair price for solar generated and fed into the grid are essential for the future of this clean sustainable energy industry,” says Mr. Grimes, possibly alluding to a recent report from IPART that appears to have missed the mark on estimating a “fair value” on solar electricity in NSW.
“Now is the time for Australian governments to match that expertise and capability with policies that provide certainty and promote the growth of solar energy as part of Australia’s clean energy future.”
Speaking at Solar Conference 2011 will be Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet.  ACT’s Minister for the Environment & Sustainable Development Simon Corbell will also be a speaker, covering the ACT’s large scale solar initiative. Politicians from other political parties will also detail their stance on the future of solar power in Australia.
More than 75 peer-reviewed papers on solar energy technology, policies and economics will be presented during the conference. Additionally, sessions on the professional development of solar installers will also be held.
The Conference will be held at Australia Technology Park, Sydney, Wednesday 30th November to Friday 2nd December.
Further details on the 49th Annual AuSES Solar 2011 Conference can be viewed here.
AuSES is not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer board elected by its members and exists to promote scientific, social and economic development through the environmentally sound use of solar energy.