Energy Matters Video News – Episode 50 – November 30, 2011

Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world recently added to our renewable energy news section.
In this episode, Virginia covers IPART missing the mark on valuing solar electricity, Victorian households struggling with skyrocketing power bills, 80,000 South Australian households go solar and AGL’s massive profits.


In this episode:
– The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal released its draft report on what it considers the fair value of exported electricity from home solar power systems in NSW. According to the Clean Energy Council, the Tribunal did not take into account several key factors and have seriously undervalued the benefits of solar power. Read more.
– Victoria’s Energy and Water Ombudsman Annual Report has recognised that many of the state’s households are struggling with increased electricity bills. Victorian electricity prices went up at the beginning of this year, with more increases likely soon. The continuing hikes have seen more Victorians go solar, as an entry-level solar power system can slash power bills around $580 a year. Read more.
– A new report from the Essential Services Commission of South Australia estimates 80,000 electricity customers in the state will have installed solar panels by December this year. The figure represents about 10% of all small electricity customers in the state. Just over four years ago, only 1,600 South Australian electricity customers had solar power systems. Read more.
– While Australians struggle with major electricity bill increases, electricity retailer AGL reported an underlying profit of over 430 million dollars nationally, or over 1 million dollars a day, over the last financial year. Read more.