Clean Energy Council Encouraging Green Bonus Spending

The Clean Energy Council (CEC), a representative body for the clean energy sector in Australia, is encouraging Australians to invest their Federal Government provided bonus into improving home energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

The bonus is part of the Australian government’s $10.4 billion stimulus package; designed to boost the local economy and avoid recession. Payments will be made to many low and middle income families and pensioners over the next couple of weeks. Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, stated on Monday that recipients of the bonus should “go out and spend this money”.

While many recipients will spend their bonus on the purchase of appliances, the CEC has reminded people that purchasing with energy efficiency in mind will help reduce electricity bills over the long term, providing ongoing savings.

The CEC has suggested that home owners also consider using their their bonus to invest in home solar power systems. The money, along with government rebates of up to $8,000, could now make such purchases a viable option. The Council stated that solar water heaters or solar panels can cut home electricity bills by at least 15-20%.

CEC Chief Executive, Matthew Warren, remarked that “Most insulation and solar hot water systems sold in Australia are also made here”, pointing to spending locally on locally produced items will further bolster the economy; helping to secure current jobs and create new employment in the clean energy sector.

“We encourage Australians to consider the environment and the future as they launch into their government endorsed spending spree.  Clean and efficient energy use make great gifts – that don’t stop giving.”, said Mr. Warren.