Controversial Carbon Target TV Ad Launched In Australia

With the lead up to Christmas and associated frenzy of activity, many Australians may not be aware of the implications of the government’s recent Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme white paper. 

One of the most hotly debated aspects of the plans is the 5% carbon reduction target Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has committed the country to. Many environmentalists have slammed the target as being grossly inadequate, after having urged  a 25 – 40 per cent carbon reduction goal by 2020 in order to avoid dangerous climate change., Australiaʼs largest independent political organisation with more than 300,000 members nationwide, is seeking to raise awareness regarding the issue with a controversial TV advertisement that started airing late last week. The 30 second ad features both Former Prime John Howard and Kevin Rudd, with the underlying theme being that the two men are not dissimilar when it comes to action on climate change. Climate change issues were an important platform for the Labor Party in Australia’s last election.

According to GetUp! National Director, Simon Sheikh; "Australians had expected more from the Rudd Government. They had given Kevin Rudd more than enough time to come up with a real solution to tackling climate change and he has failed them. That’s why we are urging Australians to help us turn up the heat".

GetUp! also recently launched a campaign to raise funds to air the "Spot the Difference" ad during major events; including during the biggest TV event of the season: the Boxing Day Cricket Test.

At the time of writing, the group had achieved its first target of $160,000 in public donations and has purchased regional TV spots across the country.

The donation drive is currently standing at $180,000, with GetUp! is aiming for $200,000 in order to gain blanket national coverage in capital cities during the Boxing Day cricket match.