Electric Cadillac Incorporates Solar Power

General Motors recently unveiled another electric car concept; a luxury model called the Cadillac Converj.

The four-passenger Converj utilises GM’s Voltec electric propulsion technology and can power the luxury coupe with all the trimmings up to 60 kilometers on stored battery power alone. The vehicle then switches over to an efficient petrol generator for much further travelling. Energy during braking is also captured and stored in the battery.

The Cadillac Converj’s Voltec system is comprised of a 16-kWh, T-shaped battery, an electric drive unit, and a four-cylinder engine-generator.

The thermally managed battery pack has over 220 lithium-ion cells and is integrated into the Converj’s chassis. It takes under three hours to recharge the battery at 240V and could be used in conjunction with a home grid connect solar energy charging system to make it truly solar powered.

When the Converj’s battery charge drops, the car seamlessly goes to extended-range mode where electricity is generated on-board by a flex-fuel-powered engine, much like a home petrol generator. A tank of petrol can provide hundreds of kilometers of additional distance.

The electric drive unit delivers 273 lb.-ft. (370 Nm) of instant torque and 120 kW of power. The top speed of the Cadillac Converj is 160 kilometers per hour.

Additionally, an all-glass roof incorporates solar panels that help offset power drain from the vehicle’s accessories. LED lighting is used extensively in the vehicle. Renewable materials are used throughout the Converj, including wool-blend carpeting, a headliner made from silk, suede made from post-industrial content and more.

Several aerodynamic and design efficiencies were incorporated to improve the driving range, including a full under-vehicle cover, smaller grille openings to reduce drag, internal rear view cameras instead of conventional outside mirrors and wheel shaping that pushes air outward. for smoother body side airflow