France’s Biggest Rooftop Solar Array Using Hanwha Solar Panels

Hanwha Group has announced it delivered 7.7 MW of  solar modules for the largest rooftop installation in France.
A  Rion-des-Landes building designed for the cultivation of ginseng is now sporting 36,900 PV panels in total. The rooftop is massive, covering 9 hectares. The solar array is expected to generate 10,000,000 kilowatt hours annually, enough to supply the needs of 4,000 households.
Constructed  by Solvéo Energie, the project was finished in just 6 months. 
“The cooperation with Hanwha Solar made the realization of this huge project possible,” said Jean-Marc Matéos, President of Solvéo Energie. “The professionalism and responsiveness of service that Hanwha Solar displayed during the process have significantly contributed to the successful construction.”
As well as commercial solar power installations; Hanwha SolarOne panels are also used in residential installs. Offering guaranteed power output, Hanwha SolarOne modules perform particularly well in low-light conditions
Hanwha SolarOne was formed after Hanwha Group took over Solarfun Power Holdings in 2010. 
In its latest financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2012, the company states module shipments came to 230.7 MW, an increase of 43.6% from 160.7 MW in 1Q12 and an increase of 12.0% from 205.9 MW in 2Q11. 
The increase in module shipments in 2Q12 was fuelled by increased demand from Germany ahead of the reduction of feed in tariff incentives that kicked in on July 1, 2012 .
Hanwha shipped to over 25 countries during 2Q12. Germany accounted for 57% of total shipments, the Asia Pacific region 17% and Australia 3% of the overall total.
Hanwha SolarOne is the latest solar panel manufacturer to set its sights on combining its products with energy storage systems for residential applications, with its solution due to be available in the USA initially later this year.
Hanwha Group became the 3rd largest solar cell manufacturer in the world after acquiring Q-Cells in August.