V3Solar’s Spin Cell – Reloaded (Video)

Back in May, we covered the Solarphasec’s Sentinel 3D Spin Cell solar generator. The company is continuing to pursue the concept, under a new name – V3Solar – and a device able to generate far more electricity.
V3Solar claims its Spin Cell Technology is a game-changer and has been verified to produce over 20X more electricity using the same type and amount of photovoltaic material as standard flat solar panels. This is quite a jump since May, due in part to the use of concentrating lenses.
One of the major issues the design addresses is that of heat; the enemy of solar cells. With the 30X concentration of the Spin Cell design, cells in a normal solar panel would quite literally be toast very quickly. However, the company says the PV materials on the device continue to operate wthin a safe temperature range due to rotation.
Additionally, V3Solar claims the strobe-light effect on the solar cells hyper-excites the electrons, creating more electricity in the process.
The device is constructed as a cone within a larger cone, with the outer cover being the lense area. 

One of the issues that may spring to mind is the fact the device spins means wearing of associated components, but V3 says it floats on a magnetic bearing and the “innovative maglev system assures a long, maintenance free life.” 
Used with a proprietary “Power Pole” mounting system, 10KW can be deployed in a 10 square meter space.
“This compares well against flat panel PV which uses approximately 12 square meters installed for 1KW, or a ratio of 12 to 1,” states a press release.*
V3Solar says it has contracted  California-based Nectar Design to complete the engineering and commercial design of the device. Pricing is expected in the first quarter of 2013.
A brief note on  V3Solar’s web site states the company has signed its first licensing agreement of 800,000 Spin Cells “for what will potentially be the largest solar farm in the Southern Hemisphere.” No further details on this project could be located on the company’s web site.
*Editors note: This is based on what may be outdated information; e.g. a 1.5kW system, 50% larger, made up of REC solar panels only occupies around 10.2 square metres.
UPDATE: There has been considerable controversy regarding the Spin Cell in relation to claims made about its performance – some of which can be viewed here.