Solar Subsidy Rush Stretching Panel Supplies?

Currency Image: BigStock

The rush on solar power systems to beat the Solar Credits subsidy cut deadline could see some installers running short of system components.

According to an industry source, stocks of solar panels and inverters were plentiful in Australia when the previous major subsidy reduction occurred; but the very unexpected nature of this cut and the time of the year it has happened could make solar inverter and module availability a serious issue for some firms.

National solar provider Energy Matters says sourcing components won’t be a problem for the company. Besides holding its own substantial levels, the company’s inverter suppliers have Australian warehouses holding “buffer” stock and its major panel supplier can ship to Australia in 7 days. Energy Matters says it ordered significant additional volume of solar panels on Monday morning and the shipment is already making its way to Australian shores.

Another critical component of a solar panel array is the mounting system. As Energy Matters has its own Australian-made brand, SunLock, it says it will have no issues in acquiring those components either.

Something in short supply are available December installation appointments, which have been snapped up rapidly since the shock announcement. Energy Matters states it still has capacity to perform December installs, but those interested should call the company’s 133 SUN hotline as soon as possible to secure a system and installation date.

The slashing of the Solar Credits multiplier for post-December installations translates to around $800 less subsidy on an average sized system.

Energy Matters is running a series of specials to assist as many households as possible to go solar before the subsidy cut, plus also offers a payment plan option.

Energy Matters’ 133 SUN solar hotline is currently open weekdays from 8.30am until 6pm and on Saturday between 9am and 4pm. The company’s online quoting and ordering system is also available 24 hours a day.