Nuclear Power In NSW – ‘Dangerous, Uneconomic And Retrograde’

A parliamentary committee that called on the state government to foster public discussion of nuclear power generation in New South Wales has been slammed by Greens NSW MP John Kaye; who labeled nuclear energy as “dangerous, uneconomic and retrograde”.
“Parading nuclear energy as a viable low emissions energy source while the O’Farrell government continues to devastate the renewable energy sector is deeply contradictory,” said Mr. Kaye.
“Despite the ink barely having dried on community submissions to the O’Farrell government’s long awaited Renewable Energy Action Plan, nuclear energy is again being dragged out for debate.” 
Mr Kaye said wind energy and solar power technologies are cheaper to develop and avoid the threat of toxic waste products that will haunt humanity for thousands of years; plus what he called the unavoidable connection to nuclear weapons. 
“Energy Minister Chris Hartcher must now rule out a review of nuclear energy development in NSW and focus on fostering a jobs rich, clean energy sector in NSW,” he said.
Nuclear power is continuing to raise its ugly radioactive head in Australia, with Resources Minister Martin Ferguson making his love affair with nuclear power more apparent during a speech in Sydney last month.
“The Australian government’s responsibility is to test all forms of clean energy and if at some point in the future we don’t get the breakthrough on baseload clean energy Australia will need to think seriously about considering nuclear,” he said, apparently including nuclear power as a clean energy source; a questionable association.
Minister Ferguson may need to spend less time daydreaming about nuclear power and take more note of what is happening in the renewables industry as the “breakthroughs” have already occurred; for example, solar thermal technology combined with heat storage systems.
Residential solar panels have already helped put off the need for constructing more large carbon intensive power plants and  home energy storage systems – the Next Big Thing for small-scale solar power – will also increasingly wean Australia off fossil fuel based baseload power generation.