Perth Solar City’s Stunning Success

Over 16,000 households have participated in the Perth Solar City Program and collectively saved over a million dollars on their electricity bills last year through the use of solar panels.

The most comprehensive energy efficiency initiative in Western Australia, the Perth Solar City Program developed and implemented more than 30 energy efficiency and renewable energy projects within Perth’s Eastern Region.

The Program together with SunPower installed 673 residential solar power systems at an average size of 2.30kW, for a total installed capacity of 1.56MW. Analysis shows the average solar household used 41% less electricity from the network, or 8.15kWh per day.

The $50-001 – $100,000 income band was most prevalent for households that purchased a solar PV system through Perth Solar City. The level of satisfaction for solar PV system performance was high, with 77% of participants indicating they were “very satisfied”.

Saving money was the most significant motivator to purchase a solar power system, followed by environmental factors.

According to data from Energy Matters, a 2kW solar power system installed in Perth can provide electricity bill savings of over $600 a year.

Some of the higher profile systems installed under the Program included Midland Atelier (60kW), the Central Institute of Technology (49kW), Kings Park and Botanic Garden (15kW), Perth Zoo (239kW) and Perth Arena (111kW).

Another Perth Solar City initiative is the Living Smart Households program, which utilises phone-based eco-coaching to support participants in reducing energy, water and transport use. Those participating in Living Smart achieved an average 7.5% reduction in electricity use.

“Numerous valuable lessons were learnt through the implementation of the Perth Solar City program,” says Program Implementation Manager Andrew Blaver.

“These lessons can in turn inform governments and energy utilities alike in the design of similar initiatives aimed at achieving energy efficiency, reducing peak demand or managing small scale renewable energy systems in the residential sector.”

Other locations participating in the Australian Solar Cities initiative are Adelaide, Alice Springs, Blacktown, Central Victoria, Moreland and Townsville.

Download the Perth Solar City 2012 Annual Report (18MB – 211 Pages).