Zero Dollar Deposit Solar Rolled Out Nationally

Solar provider Energy Matters has made it possible for thousands more Australian households to slash their power bills with the company’s zero dollar up-front programs.

According to Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich, the initiatives remove a major barrier to going solar.

“We’ve installed over 15,000 solar panel systems throughout the country and we know there are many who want to go solar but haven’t been able to,” says Mr. Rich.

“While solar power systems have dropped in price substantially over the past few years; the initial outlay – even if it’s a deposit – has meant many Australians have been prevented from joining the solar revolution and reaping the rewards of producing their own electricity.”

“As of today, we have blown away this barrier. Energy Matters now provides the opportunity to have a quality solar panel system professionally installed without having to pay anything up-front.”

Energy Matters is offering two options – in the first, which is the new national offer; a deposit is not required and repayments are spread over 4 years.

For the second option, called Save As You Go Solar, eligible households in Queensland and South Australia can pay off the system over 7 years. In that scenario, the amount of money solar households save on their power bills will be greater than the monthly payment says Mr. Rich.

Under either option, the electricity produced by these solar power systems is essentially free once the system is paid off.

“Based on interest to date, we’re expecting this national expansion of our zero-dollar down solar program to be hugely popular. We encourage those interested to contact us now so they can arrange to have an Energy Matters system installed and start saving on their power bills as soon as possible.”

For further details, Energy Matters can be contacted on 133-SUN (133-786) or via the company web site at .