Last Drinks Call For South Australia’s Solar Feed In Tariff

Currency Image: BigStock

National solar provider Energy Matters is reminding South Australian households who are yet to go solar that the axe is about to fall on solar incentives in the state.

Energy Matters has set an ordering deadline of September 15 for those wishing to secure the 25.8c feed in tariff rate; which is now the most generous in Australia.

The incentive will be greatly reduced soon when the SA Power Networks component is dropped for new applications; leaving the feed in tariff at 9.8c per kilowatt hour for surplus exported electricity.

While even at 9.8c going solar in South Australia will still be a worthwhile investment; the current rate will allow for a greatly accelerated system payback time.

Energy Matters is offering South Australians discounted deals on solar power systems, including a 4.16kW system based on award-winning REC solar panels capable of returning a financial benefit of up to $2,100 a year.

The company also offers a zero deposit payment plan that allows eligible purchasers to go solar for just a few dollars a day. In addition to paying nothing up-front and depending on the system and installation scenario, the repayment levels can be less than the cost a household would pay for their daily electricity consumption; meaning instant savings from the moment their system is switched on.

More than 19 percent of households in South Australia have already slashed their electricity bills by installing rooftop solar panels and even with the looming incentive cut, the future of solar in South Australia looks bright.

According to a recent report prepared by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO); rooftop PV based electricity generation in SA is expected to reach  1,119 gigawatt-hours by 2022–23, equivalent to 8.9% of South Australia’s annual energy use.

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