Petition Against Potential Australian ‘Sun Tax’ Launched

Following news of a potential threat to Australian solar households in the form of higher electricity network charges; a petition has been launched to oppose any such move.
Rumblings began earlier this week when a mainstream media outlet published what appeared to be an amped up translation of the AEMC’s latest report on strategic priorities for energy market development.
Regardless, even the potential of a so-called “sun tax” is sending ripples through the one-million plus strong ranks of solar households in this country.
“Yet again we see ordinary Australians who have invested hard earned money in going solar being scapegoated,” Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens says. 
“It is now widely understood that the main cost driver of energy price rises is over-investment in network poles and wires – not solar.”
Solar Citizens, a community campaign advocating for the rights of solar owners and supporters, launched the petition just a few hours ago. It has already gathered more than 2,500 signatures; with 1,253 of those occurring in just over the first hour.
Solar Citizens questions if the AEMC could be “bowing to big power companies who don’t want to see Australians take back power into their own hands.”
“These power companies are crying blue murder over the rise of solar, while barely making a peep about other major drivers of prices increase – in particular the substantial take up of air conditioning,” says Ms. Soutar.
Ms. Soutar states any moves to tax the sun would be met with strong community resistance. 
While many would agree electricity pricing reform is an urgent issue for Australia, national solar provider Energy Matters believes solar is part of the solution and has offered a series of suggestions with regard to what it considers would constitute real and fair electricity pricing reform.