Victoria Solar Feed In Tariff Rally This Wednesday

Victoria’s new feed in tariff laws could be voted on in Parliament as early as this Wednesday. The proposed legislation has raised the ire of many green groups and renewable energy supporters due to the structure of the Victorian scheme.
Under the Electricity Industry Amendment (Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff) Bill 2009, grid connect solar power system owners in Victoria will only receive 60c per kWh for surplus electricity generated, but this will be applied as a time-limited credit; unlike other states where cash payments are made.
Describe by an industry source as "beyond abysmal, an absolute farce"; the Alternative Technology Association also labeled the scheme as "perverse and Environment Victoria has called it a "dud". 
According to Environment Victoria’s Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, "Brumby’s feed-in tariff will fail to drive the uptake of renewable energy across Victoria… unless they are improved in the Parliament by the Opposition and minor parties, they will do nothing to increase the uptake of solar panels on roofs, deliver green solar jobs or reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions."
A rally to protest the draft legislation in its current form will be held at 1.00pm, Wednesday 6th May on the steps of Parliament House, in Spring St Melbourne. 
All are invited to attend and where possible, the organisers ask that people wear a green shirt to represent a call for green solar jobs in Victoria. Speaking at the event will be representatives from Environment Victoria, the Alternative Technology Association, Moreland Energy Foundation, Friends Of The Earth and the ETU.