Australian Solar Council Launches Positive Quality Program

The Australian Solar Council has launched its Positive Quality program, designed to provide a positive signal for consumers searching for quality solar panels.

“Until now there has been no way for the public to identify genuine quality solar panels. Instead, we see disreputable manufacturers ‘gaming the system’, substituting cheap materials, and pricing quality manufacturers out of the market,” said Australian Solar Council Chief Executive John Grimes.

The Positive Quality program will audit solar panels at the point of manufacture to ensure materials and processes used are of a genuine high standard. Under the program, a 60 point factory check will be carried out, along with detailed random testing of solar panels. All certificates will be checked four times a year to ensure they are genuine and up-to-date.

It’s a big departure from the current system in place in Australia whereby a paper assessment is conducted once every five years to allow a panel to be used in installations.

“At last project developers, consultants and the general public will have an easy way to identify high-quality solar panels, when they see the Positive Quality logo”.

One of the foundation partners in the program is Yingli Solar, currently the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels. Yingli Solar uses a fully automated production line and all panels undergo vigorous examination; including flash testing at each stage of the production process and marathon durability testing by TÜV Rheinland.

Yingli Solar also has in-house PV testing and reliability laboratories in USA, Spain and China. Being a fully vertically integrated manufacturer and producing everything from polysilicon to solar cells to final module assembly allows Yingli to maintain a very tight quality control program.

The Australian Solar Council is committed to a transition to a sustainable, solar-powered future for Australia. Membership is open to all with an interest in solar power and its role in securing the nation’s clean energy future. Further detail regarding the Positive Quality Program can be viewed here.