RET Review Holding Australia Back

While Australia’s Renewable Energy Target Review isn’t by any means done and dusted; fears of its outcome are having an impact.
The general concern is the Renewable Energy Target will be gutted or abandoned as a result of the review – and the only parties to benefit from that will be the big power generators.
The Clean Energy Council states the latest REN21 report shows while Australia’s renewable energy industry was increasingly at a standstill; there was strong global momentum on renewable energy.
“The process of constantly reviewing Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is destabilising the market and stalling local investment,” said the CEC’s Chief Executive, David Green.
“Australia has some of the best sun, wind and waves in the world. The Renewable Energy Target needs to be left to get on with the job it was designed to do under former Prime Minister John Howard and expanded in 2009 with the support of the major parties. Business can then get on with driving the creation of much-needed jobs and investment in partnership with local communities.”
John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Council, continued to blast the Review last week; stating those appointed to review the RET “are sticking closely to their riding instructions to close the solar sector down”. 
Mr Grimes also states ACIL Allen, which was appointed to advise the Review, said last October that the RET can’t be met, should be slashed and is interfering with the free market of the fossil fuel industry. 
The Australian Solar Council chief describes Review head Dick Warburton as a climate change denier, Dr. Brian Fisher as a consultant to the fossil fuel industry and Ms Shirley In’t Veld as a former head of Western Australia’s largest coal generator.
Mr. Grimes is also fuming with regard to ACIL Allen informing a public RET Modeling meeting in April that they would not be modeling the positive impacts of the RET, as it was ‘too hard to model’.
Bloomberg & other studies proves renewable energy reduces wholesale electricity prices by more than it costs and reduces bills for all consumers,” he says.

“To focus only on costs and not on benefits means this Review is a biased sham.”
Renewable Energy Target – Costs Vs. Benefits.