Liberal Party Would Introduce Uncapped Solar Panel Rebate?

A press release issued a short while ago by the office of Peter Garrett, Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts, states the Government noted that today the Liberal Party has made what it says is a “new policy announcement” in regard to the insulation rebate and residential solar power systems.
Mr Garrett’s office reports the comments were made by Liberal frontbencher, Bronwyn Bishop, who this morning told 2GB Radio that a Liberal Government would “absolutely” abolish the insulation rebate and introduce an uncapped domestic solar panel rebate.
The Government says it “looks forward” to learning more details of the new Liberal party policy, including the full costings associated with an uncapped solar panel rebate and what extra greenhouse gas abatement will be achieved by diverting funds from the insulation program to solar power.
According to the press release, the Rudd Government is on track to fund more than 120,000 solar power systems through the previous Solar Homes and Communities Plan; compared to just 10,500 rebates it says was funded over the entire period of the previous Government and that it is continuing to support the installation of solar systems through the Solar Credits scheme.
Minister Garrett’s office says the Home Insulation Program has seen over 900,000 houses around the country install ceiling insulation, potentially saving  40 per cent on heating and cooling costs in each instance. Along with solar hot water, which also currently attracts substantial rebates, the Government says insulation is one of the most effective household energy efficiency measures.