22,400 Queenslanders Sign Up For Solar Bonus Scheme

Sky Image: BigStock

Earlier this week, Queensland’s Energy Minister Stephen Robertson announced over 22,400 Queensland residents had signed up for the state’s Solar Bonus Scheme.
The Queensland feed in tariff program, not to be confused with NSW’s Solar Bonus Scheme, pays 44 cents per kilowatt-hour for all surplus electricity generated by roof-top solar power systems that is exported to the Queensland electricity grid. 
The New South Wales program of the same name offers 60 cents per kilowatt hour for all electricity produced, although the scheme is scheduled to run for a substantially shorter time – 7 years versus Queensland’s 20 years.
"People are clearly recognising the economic benefits of renewable energy in their homes, and our environment and the solar industry are also reaping the benefits." said Mr. Robertson.
Mr Robertson said a recent survey of household energy use demonstrates the need for Queenslanders to switch to renewable energy in their homes; with 74% of Queensland homes now having at least one air-conditioning unit installed.
"By switching to solar, Queensland families can help minimise their electricity consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. What’s more, they can cut the cost of their electricity bill." 
The Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme is part of the Government’s broader solar initiative called "Do The Bright Thing". 
Under the initiative residents can also choose to apply for a $600 rebate on the installation of solar hot water or solar heat pump systems, while pensioners and low-income earners can receive a $1000 rebate. This is in addition to current federal government solar hot water rebates.