De Boer says the world will have to embrace nuclear power

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer said that he sees a US plan to cap rising greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 as only a “first offer”, adding that all three presidential candidates had promised a tougher stance. De Boer also said that as the fight against climate change gets more urgent, the world will have to embrace nuclear power and provide more support to developing nations. “I see this very much as a first offer from the US,” he said when asked whether the proposal unveiled by President George W Bush might discourage China from taking faster action on emissions. “The three presidential candidates … all have climate change high up on their agenda and I’m confident that after the elections we will have an ambitious US stance,” said De Boer. “If you look at the scale of the challenge I find it very difficult to conceive how we can get to grips with it unless nuclear energy has a role,” he said.