Exploring the Potential of Antimony Photovoltaic Modules

Discover the cutting-edge potential of antimony in solar technology. Researchers unveil air-stable solar modules with promising efficiency and durability.

In pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, the solar industry is constantly evolving, seeking novel materials and technologies to enhance efficiency and affordability. One innovation that has recently captured attention is the development of antimony photovoltaic modules

Antimony, a semi-metallic element with unique properties, holds promise when harnessing solar energy. This post delves into the pioneering attempt to construct antimony-based solar panels. 

Antimony in solar technology

Antimony’s unique electronic structure and optical characteristics deliver distinct advantages in terms of efficiency and performance under varying environmental conditions. 

It demonstrates excellent light absorption and emission properties, allowing sunlight to be efficiently converted into electricity. Antimony-based materials also show promising stability and durability, which are vital for long-term solar panel performance.

The breakthrough

Researchers from Tor Vergata University and the National Research Council in Italy have developed air-stable solar modules based on PV cells containing an antimony absorber material. 

The cells withstand temperature stability tests of up to 85 C in air and all three P1, P2, and P3 laser patterning steps. They achieve a power conversion efficiency of up to 1.5%, and their long-term stability is boosted by 60%. The mini solar modules built with these cells achieve a 1.2% efficiency over 2.52 cm2 active area. 

The research group plans to apply this to indoor solar cells and panels. They are also planning to reduce the device bandage by adjusting the perovskite composition, the crystallisation rate, and more. 

This marks a significant leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. Thus, this paves the way for further research and development in antimony-based solar technology. As they continue to refine and optimise these materials, the prospect of widespread adoption of antimony PV modules holds immense promise for the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

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