Tesla And Fronius Partner On Home Energy Storage

Fronius Symo Hybrid and Tesla Powerwall Battery

Leading solar inverter manufacturer Fronius has announced it and Tesla are developing communication compatibility between the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and Powerwall, Tesla’s home energy storage battery system.

Fronius says Tesla Powerwall will be available as an alternative to the soon to be released Fronius Solar Battery. The Fronius Solar Battery is a lithium-iron phosphate battery that will be available in configurations from 1.2 kWh up to a maximum of 9.6 kWh.

” Both options will work in conjunction with the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and a Fronius Smart Meter. Fronius is therefore offering a second, wall-mounted storage solution, which is suitable for outdoor use,” reads part of a statement from the company.

The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter will be available in Australia soon.

“As a global leader in the field of E-mobility, Tesla is a welcome partner on our path towards 24 hours of sun. Through this, we are coming one step closer to our vision of reliable energy supply in the future achieved with 100 percent renewable energy,” says Martin Hackl, Head of Fronius International GmbH’s solar division.

This won’t be the first time Tesla and Fronius have collaborated. The Tesla Model S premium electric limousine and the Tesla Model X sports car are welded using Fronius DeltaSpot Technology. Resistance spot welding is the standard welding method in steel vehicle manufacturing; but when it comes to aluminium, it isn’t as effective.  Fronius DeltaSpot Technology results in precision in the aluminium welding process, accurate quality control and high electrode service life.

Fronius has a 23 year history in the solar sector and more than 1 million Fronius solar inverters have been installed globally. Fronius inverters have been a popular choice in Australian residential solar power installations.

Since Tesla announced Powerwall on Friday, interest in residential energy storage has surged. May 1, 2015 will probably be remembered as the day the world’s energy storage revolution really began.

Australian solar provider Energy Matters says it will begin offering competitively priced battery systems based on Telsa, Fronius and SolarEdge technology to Australian customers when the components are available locally. Those interested in residential energy storage system options can register for pre-release announcements from Energy Matters by clicking here.


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