GoodWe Review in 2024: More Than Just Inverters


GoodWe is a pioneering force in renewable energy solutions. It has transcended its roots as a manufacturer of inverters into a comprehensive provider of sustainable energy technologies. As we approach the halfway point of 2024, GoodWe’s journey is marked by innovation, diversification, and a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of clean energy. 

Since its inception, GoodWe has continuously strived to exceed the evolving demands of the renewable energy market. In this post, we explore the depth of the company’s offerings beyond inverters. 

From electric vehicle (EV) chargers to battery storage evolutions, from solar tiles to the advanced Galaxy Ultra Panels, GoodWe’s portfolio embodies a holistic approach to energy generation, storage, and utilisation.

GoodWe’s role in the EV industry

GoodWe HCA Series

There has been a significant global transition towards EVs, driven by concerns about environmental sustainability and the need to reduce carbon emissions. GoodWe recognised EVs’ role in the broader context of renewable energy adoption and has strategically positioned itself as a critical player in the industry. 


In 2022, GoodWe launched the HCA series, which is compatible with all EV brands and GoodWe solar and hybrid inverters. The charger allows for higher solar self-consumption and lower energy costs for combined EV and PV systems. 

The HCA series enables homeowners to charge their EVs using excess solar energy from rooftop solar panels or a battery storage system. As mentioned, the charge can be paired with GoodWe solar or hybrid inverters and batteries. 

The charge is available in single-phase (7 kW) and three-phase (11/22 kW) variants. Its wall and pile-mounted configurations allow it to be installed indoors or outdoors. Additionally, it is protected by IP66 dust and water-resistant housing. 

Battery storage solutions

GoodWe Lynx Home U Series

The need for effective storage energy solutions continues to rise. GoodWe recognises this and has responded with a comprehensive range of battery storage solutions designed to empower homes and businesses to maximise the value of renewable energy investments. 

The Lynx Home U series is a low-voltage lithium battery designed for residential applications. Its stackable, self-detecting modules are built for ultra-simplified assembly. The pre-wired communication cables also enable Plug & Play wiring for easy installation and start. 

Solar tiles

GoodWe Sunshine Series

In 2023, GoodWe introduced the Sunshine Series, a solution for homeowners who want to use solar energy while keeping their homes aesthetically pleasing.

It has a tempered double-glass roof structure to ensure its safety. GoodWe also has improved roof ventilation and heat dissipation, which will help lower energy costs and reduce overall carbon footprint. 

It has a similar appearance and installation method to traditional roof tiles with customised colour options. 

Galaxy Series

GoodWe’s Galaxy Series is a BIPV product designed for C&L and residential applications. It features an ultra-lightweight design with a frameless surface. The Galaxy Series is designed for low-bearing roofs and areas where waterproofing is a major concern. 

The Galaxy Series has an additional 1.6mm tempered glass on the surface for better impact resistance. It can also be installed in three minutes, which can save owners up to 60% in installation costs compared to conventional PV panels. 

GoodWe’s evolution from an inverter manufacturer to a comprehensive provider of sustainable energy technologies signifies its status as a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector.

As we venture into 2024, the company’s commitment to innovation, diversification, and shaping the future of clean energy remains unwavering. Through its expansive portfolio spanning EV chargers, battery storage solutions, solar tiles, and the advanced Galaxy Series, GoodWe embodies a holistic approach to energy generation and utilisation. 

Focusing on blending aesthetics with functionality, GoodWe continues to empower individuals and businesses to embrace renewable energy solutions, driving positive change toward a cleaner, greener future for all.

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