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Clean Energy Council creates home battery quality assurance program

Clean Energy Council Renewable Energy Target Compromise

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has developed a home battery quality assurance and standards program.

The CEC produced the ‘Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program’ in consultation with organisations including the CSIRO and the Smart Energy Council.

The Victorian state Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio launched the program in Melbourne at the All-Energy Australia 2018 Exhibition and Conference today.

home battery quality assurance will cover batteries such as the sonnen one here

sonnen batteries are one of the most efficient brands on the market.

Speaking at the launch, CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton said energy storage technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we use and think about energy.

This is certainly the case with home battery systems. A solar battery, for instance, can store electricity from a solar panel installation for later use.

Battery usefulness has also been demonstrated by the Tesla big battery in South Australia. The big battery has reduced the cost of reserve power and helped prevent blackouts in the state.

How the home battery quality assurance program works

Only products meeting the required standards for quality and electricity safety will qualify for the home battery quality program.

The CEC’s Solar Accreditation website will maintain a list of qualifying products. Installers just need to check the website to ensure they are installing a product that meets the standards.

The program also means consumers can purchase a qualifying solar battery with the assurance they are getting a safe, high quality product for their investment.

Quality programs maintain solar industry integrity

The solar industry now has several mechanisms to ensure quality rooftop solar installations.

Last month, the Clean Energy Regulator announced its Solar Panel Validation Initiative (SPVI). Essentially this is a database of solar panels that meet Australian Standards.

Installers can use an app to check whether a solar panel is on the CEC’s approved list. This also ensures they only install high quality products on Australian rooftops.

CEC also keeps a list of approved solar retailers. These are retailers that have demonstrated adherence to ethical practices, and that also use accredited installers and products. Energy Matters qualifies as a CEC approved solar retailer.

Together these mechanisms help to ensure rooftop solar and solar battery installations in Australia provide consumers with the best in products and service standards.

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