How to maintain your solar panels

Installing a solar PV system is a tremendous investment for your home or business. Not only are you saving money off your electricity bills, but you are helping to contribute towards a sustainable future for all humanity.

As solar panels live on your roof, though, they are exposed to the elements – which mean they need to be maintained regularly. While they have been built to be tough, they can become covered in layers of dirt and dust which can limit their efficiency. Rain is not going to wash that away either, because droplets also carry dirt.

Don’t climb up on your roof and attempt to maintain them yourself

Not only is there a danger from getting up on your roof and risking a fall, but panels are complex electrified systems and there are risks of electric shock and fires.

That is why you should always get an expert in to service your panels. They have the correct knowledge, training and experience in both work at heights and with electric panels to ensure the job is done safely.

Why do I need to service my solar panels?

Not only can dirt and debris reduce the efficiency of your solar panels, but it can make them a fire hazard as well.

It is important to service them at least annually to ensure they are not a fire hazard. These panels have technologies in them to cut off to prevent fires and are located in places to minimise risk, but it is still important to check them to ensure the electrics aren’t exposed and becoming a hazard.

What are the signs that I need to have my solar panels serviced?

You should have them inspected annually from the time you purchase them, but there are signs you may notice that might mean you need to call out an expert.

The obvious one is larger electricity bills when you have not changed your electrical use behaviours because this means the panels are not performing to optimal standards. The inverter for your system will often trigger warnings or alerts if there are any issues. If your solar panels are under trees that shed leaves and branches onto them, or there are animals present on your roof that could leave droppings or potentially damage your panels, they should be inspected more often.

What will happen during a solar service?

A professional will thoroughly inspect all of the elements of your solar system to ensure they are clean, free of debris and not damaged. They will check all of the components for any signs of degradation or corrosion, which can cause long-term problems, and ensure vents are free of debris, which can cause overheating or fires.

There is a complex wiring system involved in the system and these will all be inspected for signs of damage with any wires that are damaged being replaced. All of the electrical components will be inspected, including the fittings and cables, while the inverter will be tested to ensure it is sending the warnings and alerts that it should.