How to show your customers you’re an eco-friendly brand

There are many benefits for steering your business and brand down the sustainability route.

Obviously, you are making a big difference towards the environment and the future of the planet, the world needs more brands to follow the lead. It also means enormous savings on your electricity bills by taking the solar energy approach, eliminating rising costs hindering your ability to create growth.

With SRES being phased out, now is a good time to install solar

Speaking of growth,  did you know that around 90 per cent of all consumers prefer to purchase their goods and services from businesses showing their commitment to sustainability? In the modern world, this is an opportunity you can no longer afford to avoid.

The green revolution is now. 

It’s time to install solar power solutions

Solar panels are visible on your roof, becoming a billboard for your brand’s eco-friendly approach. You can also use the fact that you are using cleaner energy to help  back your marketing campaigns, inviting customers to enjoy a shopping experience that supports the wider environment.

Depending on the size of your business, there are opportunities to install large-scale solar setups too. Large arrays of panels can be combined with battery backup solutions and generators for hire. Create your own private power plant for personal use or export power back to the grid – the choice is yours.

Take part in recycling initiatives

Using 100 percent recycled materials for packaging and bags for your products is one way to show that you are committed to sustainability. You can also encourage your customers to recycle by having clearly labelled bins at your premises so they can take part as they shop.

Support local environmental organisations

There are numerous charities and organisations out there trying to make a difference to the environment. You can help them in their endeavours through sponsorship and donations, or by engaging staff to volunteer their time and support their projects.

Your brand will be associated with these environmental efforts and you will be helping to make a difference at a local level at the same time. 

Use recycled paper

Many businesses go through enormous amounts of paper, even in the digital age. This is a burden on the environment. While the paperless office is a noble goal, it is not always possible. Where paper is essential for forms, receipts or other publications and assets, ensure that you are using recycled products and dispose of them appropriately. 

Choose green branding and logos

If you are using recycled products or have recycling bins available for your customers, ensure they are labelled accordingly. Include green logos so they are immediately recognisable. Highlight your environmental actions in your marketing and ensure this branding is associated with all of them.

Showing the world you’re doing your part in the battle against climate change and rising carbon footprints is a step your business will reap the benefits from.