Ikea’s turnkey solar panel system now available in Australia

Ikea’s highly anticipated home solar systems have finally arrived in Australia – the first country to receive this market first outside of Europe. Now, consumers can buy a full suite kit from Ikea’s website, as the company’s partnership with Solargain looks to bring solar to Aussie rooftops.

Known as Solstrale, the new offer was created in conjunction with Solargain (a leading energy provider in Australia) to bring a one-of-a-kind deal to the national market. Solargain CEO Keera Single told pv magazine that the partnership is “the ideal way to pursue the company’s vision of helping more Australians to experience the benefits of solar energy.”

“In working with a retailer like Ikea, we believe we can reach more households that are able to make the switch to solar,” SIngle said in a recent statement.

These ‘turnkey’ systems are already available across Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy, offering diversity to the international market from June 2019. However, this is the first of its kind for Australian customers who can now purchase an easy solution off the shelf.

Chief Sustainability Officer Jan Gardberg said Ikea Australia hopes to encourage its customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle by eliminating roadblocks around investing in renewable energy.

Costing between AU$3500 and AU$7000 – depending on the size of the system – the Solstrale units feature various functionalities. The AU$3500 system features a 3kW capacity, which the company says will pay off the entire array within four years.


Eliminating misconception

The biggest challenge for Ikea was to prove to Australians that installation isn’t as complex as it is seemingly known to be. Through a turnkey solution, consumers can have a system installed on their rooftops without lengthy processes or expensive adjustments to their properties.

Moreover, Ikea needed to educate consumers that the installation doesn’t require ongoing maintenance and upkeep in order to ensure absolute efficiency.

To fill these gaps, Solstrale customers receive Trina Solar panels, a Growatt inverters, a mounting system, a CEC accredited installation and the ability to monitor all aspects of their installation.

Backed by smart meters and microinverters, there are plenty of tracking options on hand to ensure output and efficiency remain consistent.