Solar power now available in Karratha, WA

Energy Matters - Australia

Residents and businesses in Karratha, WA, may soon halve their power bills by installing solar energy systems courtesy of a local energy provider.

The power company is piloting a new product in the city of Karratha for residents and small business owners, which includes solar panels, inverters and batteries. The new Karratha solar energy product will be delivered under a partnership arrangement with Energy Matters.

Research shows 66 per cent of Karratha households can save more than 50 per cent on  annual electricity bills by installing a 5 kW solar energy system.

Karratha solar: we are ready to help people in Karratha halve power bills.

Karratha solar: we are ready to help people in Karratha halve power bills.

The figures are based on current standard tariffs, according to the company. They show that householders and small businesses could halve their power bills by using solar energy.

Karratha solar installations designed to withstand cyclones

Because Karratha is in a Category D cyclone region,  solar energy installations must withstand harsh weather conditions.

The City of Karratha will therefore undertake extra structural assessments before giving installation approval.

This safety process ensures residents receive a securely fitted solar power system capable of withstanding the most extreme meteorological conditions.

This new solar venture allows customers to access a tailored solar energy system to suit their lifestyle and budget. This means greater energy choices and control over power bills.

Halve power bills and save the environment too

The new solar power systems will save more than money. The average Karratha household with a 5 kW solar energy system will produce 9 MWh of renewable energy per year. That’s like saving 5.6 tonnes of CO2, or planting 40 trees.

And because Karratha is one of the world’s sunniest places, it’s perfect for launching the pilot.

Because the town is part of a much larger network than many other service towns, it can integrate higher volumes of solar power without destabilising the grid.

The company’s online calculator allows residents to check  their eligibility for the Renewable Energy Buyback offer in Karratha.