LONGi Empowers Adelaide International: Leading the ATP Tour Towards Sustainability

LONGi Adelaide International ATP Tour

LONGi steps into the spotlight at the Adelaide International, marking a significant moment as the ATP Tour’s Exclusive Global Solar Energy Partner. Their involvement in this premier event reflects their dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship through their PLAN GET initiative.

Yesterday marked the commencement of the Adelaide International, where LONGi, a global leader in clean energy solutions, proudly takes centre stage as the official Solar and Hydrogen Partner of the ATP Tour.

An important milestone for sustainable sporting events

The collaboration between LONGi and the ATP Tour signifies an unprecedented move towards aligning major sports events with sustainability efforts. Through PLAN GET, LONGi aims to mobilise global support for a sustainable, low-carbon lifestyle, channelling the energy of everyone involved in the tournament towards this shared goal.

Adelaide International spectators
Source: LONGi

The Adelaide International serves as a critical platform for LONGi to showcase its expertise in the clean energy sector. Their advanced solar and hydrogen technologies take a prominent place in global discussions on renewable energy during this event. This partnership not only emphasises LONGi’s dedication to sporting excellence but also amplifies its commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Daniel Lin, LONGi Solar Australia’s Managing Director, expressed the deeper significance of their involvement: “As a company deeply invested in environmental responsibility, LONGi views the Adelaide International as more than a sporting event; it’s a strategic avenue to build stronger connections with the Australian community.” Lin highlighted how supporting the ATP Tour allows LONGi to engage with audiences and foster a shared vision of sustainability.

Clean energy innovation

The invitation stands for everyone to join LONGi at the Adelaide International, where the convergence of sportsmanship and sustainability takes centre stage. Attendees will witness firsthand the impact of clean energy innovation and LONGi’s unwavering commitment to forging a brighter, more sustainable future.

Get your tickets to the Adelaide International, January 8 – 13, 2024.

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