Netherlands: Integrated Rooftop Solar Panels, Wind Turbines For High Rise Buildings

IBIS Power, a Dutch renewables architectural company, has created PowerNEST; a complete roof-integrated wind and solar energy system for medium to high-rise buildings with at least five floors.  PowerNEST combines wind turbines and solar panels in an aerodynamically improved modular steel structure. 

According to IBIS Power, the ready-made system may create 6 to 10 times more electricity than standalone rooftop solar.

The final PowerNEST modules were installed on the 70-meter-high roof of Haasje Over at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on Wednesday July 13. PowerNEST at Haasje Over consists of four wind turbine modules and 296 solar panels estimated to generate no less than 140 MWh per year. It took three days to lift PowerNEST, which consists of 10 modules, and a few weeks to connect the system.

Largest PowerNEST

Alexander Suma, CEO and founder of IBIS Power, said:

“We are extremely proud that we can now place the largest innovative PowerNEST to date right in the heart of the Brainport region. The combination of solar and wind energy, but also using the advantages of cooling by wind and thereby generating a higher energy yield, make this product ideally suited for installation on higher buildings. In addition, the wind turbines also work at night and in the months with little to no sun.”

Source&Image: CEO & Founder of IBIS Power, Inventor of PowerNEST

Innovative collaboration

According to Theo van Kroonenburg, director of Trudo, Eindhoven housing corporation:

“With the challenges in the field of sustainability and the energy transition, Trudo has opted for an innovative and new product. Hopefully, a real game changer in this area because the world needs that.”

“We have entered into an innovative partnership and hope for good results. We will share our findings with the sector and with the Sustainability Pact, the partnership of the Eindhoven housing associations, and the municipality of Eindhoven.”

Image: Twitter, Trudo

PowerNEST at a glance

The PowerNEST wind & solar rooftop system is designed for medium to high-rise buildings to gather more energy than a standard solar setup. It’s a kinetic sculpture of cutting-edge technology designed to produce more energy on more days than other rooftop renewables. PowerNEST is a stylish method to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon footprint.

PowerNEST is a simple method for converting buildings to renewable energy. If you own or manage a 5+ story flat-roof structure, a PowerNEST system could generate enough electricity to free you from gasoline and fossil fuels. It’s like having a sustainable power plant designed specifically for your roof.

The solar power panel system has already been installed in five projects around the Netherlands, most recently in the HaasjeOver building in Eindhoven.

IBIS Power is now working on 12 more PowerNEST projects in the Netherlands, with plans to extend into the rest of Europe and the United States.

Main Features:

  • Sleek wind turbines
  • Cutting-edge solar panels
  • Innovative structure captures more energy, more often
  • Made to match your building’s style
  • Adapts to local weather conditions
  • Enhances long-term building resilience
  • Modular units fit into available roof space
  • Plug-and-play energy management system
  • Reduces or eliminates electricity bills
  • It can be assembled quickly and installed in one day.

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