Noosa joins Cities Power Partnership push for 100 per cent green energy

Noosa Council joins CPP to push for 100 per cent green energy.

Noosa Council has joined the Cities Power Partnership (CPP) to push for 100 per cent green energy across Australia. This enhances Noosa’s solar power credentials, which are already good for this Queensland community.

Angry with Federal Government inaction on climate change, the CPP coalition of local governments says urgent climate action is essential to avoid the worst ravages of global warming.

Noosa Shire has therefore joined the mayors, councillors and local communities fighting for a zero carbon future – powered by renewables like solar energy systems and battery storage.

100% green energy goal boosted by Noosa solar power

The CPP is a free, national program designed to help Australian towns and cities reduce their carbon footprint by embracing renewable energy.

Noosa Council joins CPP to push for 100 per cent green energy.

Local authorities from every Australian state and territory now share climate action goals through the Cities Power Partnership.

Noosa Council has already pledged to implement the CPP’s five key goals:

  1. Install solar panels and battery storage on council buildings.
  2. Help residents access renewable energy through incentives and grants.
  3. Implement landfill gas methane flaring or capture to generate electricity.
  4. Adopt energy-efficient best practice across all council buildings.
  5. Encourage sustainable transport use through planning or design.

Noosa’s solar power drive is just part of its plans to be carbon neutral by 2026. This will then bring the town in line with the CPP’s renewable energy target of 100 per cent

Noosa solar power slashes CO2, saves money

Meanwhile, 34 per cent of properties have solar installations in the Queensland resort town – ahead of the state’s overall figure of 31.6 per cent.

In January 2018, Noosa Council also voted to install solar panels at the town’s leisure centre, aquatic centre and council depots.

Combined, the Noosa solar power panels will generate more than 356,000 kWh of electricity each year. As a result, Council will save around $38,000 annually on electricity costs.

The solar panels will cut 277 tonnes of CO2 from the Council’s annual carbon footprint and cover costs within seven years.

Noosa Council is also encouraging residents to take up the Queensland Government’s Energy Efficient Rebate. Rebates up to $300 are available for purchase of energy-efficient white goods or air-conditioners.

Cities Power Partnership now covers Australia

The CPP includes more than 100 local government areas and more than 300 Australian towns and cities. Over 10 million people also support it.

The Climate Council set up the ambitious CPP program. It is now the biggest climate, emissions and energy program for local governments in Australia.

The CPP helps local authorities transition to clean, sustainable energy. It now also includes councils from every Australian state and territory.

Members pledge to implement a range of initiatives – the most popular being installation of renewable energy.

Why not nominate your Council for membership, if it isn’t already on the CPP map?