Open Homes Australia Episode 4: GoodWe Showcases Solar, Battery, and EV Charging Technology

In Episode 4 of Open Homes Australia, viewers were taken to a beautiful property located in Drouin in regional Victoria. The house, constructed by SJD Homes, was designed with sustainability in mind, using reclaimed brick as its main building material. Host Jesse Raeburn, along with owner Lisa and Rod from SJD Homes, provided a tour of the property. The house features a modern design with a spacious feel, enhanced by its white, black, and light wood colour scheme. The property boasts an adjoining alfresco area with a dedicated kitchen that integrates with the indoor butler’s pantry, making it perfect for family gatherings and entertainment.

Family home design

The large family home was designed with Lisa’s older children in mind. Having previously built smaller homes with SJD Homes, this larger home will provide their family with the space they need for years to come. The layout of the home gives the family communal areas where the parents and older kids can enjoy time together whilst giving the kids their own separate spaces. The cinema room is a favourite, where many Friday nights are spent as a family.

Keeping this large home energy efficient was paramount and achieved through double-glazed windows, upgraded insulation in the walls and floors, doors separating most rooms, and the solar PV and battery system.

GoodWe solar, battery, and EV charger

This incredible home features a 12.2kW solar system and GoodWe battery storage, as well as a GoodWe 7kW EV charger. Putting the charger to the test, Melbourne BMW generously provided Open Homes Australia a look at their i4 eDrive40. You can read all about our test drive of the BMW i4 eDrive40 here.

The GoodWe modular battery will provide the homeowner with the ability to increase their battery storage needs by simply adding an additional battery module to their system. So as the energy needs of the family increase, battery storage capacity can increase too. Battery storage will provide this family with blackout protection, giving them peace of mind that they will have the energy they need at all times.

As our CEO Roshan explained, futureproofing your home is vital as energy demands increase. Large solar systems provide your home with the energy it needs during the day, and battery storage will power your home at night. GoodWe solar technology will give your home the futureproofing it needs to protect your investment and ensure that you have the power you need when you need it.  

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